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Even if you are pro-choice...

You  don't want this Amendment.

This ballot initiative is about a lot more than just a woman's right to choose an abortion.  It is a wish list for the ACLU and other activist organizations that want to push their radical agenda on Ohio.  Even good faith pro-choicers can see that it is way too extreme for Ohio.

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This Amendment is just too EXTREME for Ohio.
Just look at what it does...

The Bill of Rights

Worst of all, this ballot initiative will enshrine these dangerous and deceptive provisions into the Ohio Constitution.  This is not just a law, it will be in the Ohio Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  Therefore, it blocks or overturns any laws that conflict with it, including future laws which could provide even limited restrictions as well as existing common-sense laws like Born Alive Protection and protections for babies with Down Syndrome.  Making this an Amendment to the Constitution allows proponents to bypass the duly elected Legislature of Ohio.

All Nine Months

Many pro-choicers don’t want late-term and partial-birth abortions up until the moment of birth when the baby can feel pain.  This Amendment leaves it to the discretion of the abortionists whether an abortion is allowed after viability based on their subjective determination of "health" risk- not just the life or physical health of the mother.  The abortionist makes their living doing this.  If left only to their discretion, what do you think they will decide?

Eliminates Parental Rights

Most pro-choicers want to protect parent’s rights to help their children make important decisions, not just for abortions but also for “gender affirming” care.  Children need parental consent to get an aspirin at school.  The ACLU, a primary sponsor of this Amendment, has been fighting AGAINST parental consent laws across the country for many years.  This Amendment provides no limits or restrictions on who can make these decisions and does not recognize parental consent laws.  This is great news for pedophiles who can take their victims to get an abortion without parental knowledge or consent.

Reduced Health and Safety Standards

Pro-choicers should especially want to provide protections for the health and safety of girls who decide to have abortions- promoting "safe but rare".  This Amendment does not provide any new or enhanced safety or health protections, but it instead allows the abortionist to provide only “the least restrictive” standards of care - those which do not burden or interfere in any way with the expedient termination of the pregnancy.  Even courts in Ohio have ruled that reasonable safety protections such as information about risks, the need for a licensed physician, and requirements for hospital admitting privileges are a "burden" on either the woman seeking an abortion or the abortionist themselves, and multiple duly passed laws in Ohio are currently blocked in the courts based on the legal term "burden- so notice that the "State may not... burden... or interfere with" language has been included in the Amendment itself to make this a "slam dunk."  Michigan passed the almost identical language in an Amendment in 2022 and is now beginning to implement these reduced standards of care.

Gender Transition Included

Should children be able to decide to undergo trans-gender treatments or surgery without parental consent? Reproductive organs are the primary determinant of gender.  And this Amendment emphasizes this by including the words “but not limited to” abortion.  So if your 15-year-old daughter or neighbor decides that she wants to be a boy, it is her decision alone to take hormone treatments or get a mastectomy.  See the National Women's Law Center "explainer on this on the Transgender Page of this site.

Taxpayer Dollars

Many pro-choicers still don’t think abortion, much less transgender surgeries and treatments, should be paid for by tax dollars.  The language of this Amendment would require both to be paid for by at least Medicaid in order to avoid discrimination against low-income persons.

The evidence for all of these things can be found on this site; start with the News page.

This deceptive and dangerous amendment is

too extreme for Ohio.

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