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Townhall Tipsheet: Ohio, "Just Look at Michigan"

Less than one year ago, Michigan voters approved Proposal 3 — dubbed a rosy but misleading "Reproductive Freedom for All" — to amend the state's constitution. That amendment's passage, however, was not proponents' endgame. In order to "update" their outmoded laws to be consistent with the new Amendment, the state legislature is now pursuing a package of radical pro-abortion bills that would repeal protections for the unborn, women, and children in the Wolverine State. The bills would, among other things, strip rights for parents to be aware of and involved in their kids' medical decisions, allow abortion — including barbaric partial-birth abortion — through all nine months of pregnancy, remove safety standards established to protect women such as screening to prevent coercion and uncover cases of abuse, and roll back rules that prevented taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortions. Read entire article on HERE.

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