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In Their Own Words... the Truth Comes Out about Parental Rights

The anti-parent ACLU and supporting groups are continuing their all-out assault against parental rights in Ohio.

Despite claiming that Ohio's proposed ballot initiative doesn’t abolish parental rights, newly-surfaced tweets from Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE), a member of the Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom coalition, show the organization’s extreme views on parental rights and further uncover their long-term goal to completely cut parents out of their children’s lives.

For years, URGE has publicly called for the abolishment of parental rights laws:

  • “It’s time to END parental involvement laws,” the group said in a tweet.

  • “We need policies that get rid of parental involvement laws so that young people can access abortion without unnecessary restrictions,” another tweet noted.

  • “END PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT LAWS,” said a 2020 tweet.

  • “…parental involvement laws are unethical and must be abolished.

URGE’s radical views don’t end there. URGE supports allowing doctors to assist minors with “gender-affirming surgeries and care” and opposes laws that would require school personnel to notify parents of their child’s gender dysphoria.

It’s no surprise that URGE has aligned with groups like the ACLU to push an anti-parent amendment in Ohio. The ACLU has its own history of fighting against parental rights. For decades, they’ve worked to systematically dismantle parental consent and notification laws in states across the country.

It’s time to take these groups at their word.

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