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This Amendment would eliminate many health and safety standards that currently protect women.

Despite the deceptive name of this Amendment, there are no provisions to protect the "health and safety" of women.  Just as it is happening already in Michigan based on their new Constitutional Amendment, Ohio will see the elimination of many, if not most, existing health and safety protections for Women.

Issue 1 is too extreme for Ohio!

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Will it really reduce health and safety standards?

The wording of this Amendment was crafted carefully to use specific legal terminology that has been successful in ACLU lawsuits to eliminate many health and safety provisions that protect women who choose abortion, such as:

  • NO requirement for a licensed physician to perform the procedure or even be present at the facility.

  • NO requirement for the abortion provider to have hospital admisssion priveleges in case of an emergency, which happens regularly at abortion facilities.

  • No waiting period, so young women can walk into a facility and get an abortion the same day, on-demand.

  • No requirements for any reporting of complications or suspicious circumstances.

  • No requirements on physical structure to enable gurneys or wheelchairs in the facility, if needed.



Understanding the Amendment Language

  1. The language of the Amendment says that the "State will not "burden" anyone helping the "individual" having an abortion (the abortionist) in providing the service.  Any existing law, many of which are already held up in court because the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have argued "undue burden" on the abortion provider, will be void and revoked.

  2. The language of the Amendment also specifies that the "least restrictive means" is the standard for requirements on health and safety.

  3. The State of Michigan, after passing an amendment in 2022 with very similar language, is already moving quickly to eliminate health and safety standards.

There is no question that the wording of this Amendment will allow abortion providers to reduce health and safety standards of care for women.

This deceptive and dangerous amendment is

too dangerous for Ohio women.

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