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Abortion Hurts Women

Pro-abortion activists say they are fighting for women's rights, but they don't seem to care much about women's safety.  Abortion hurts women:  emotionally and physically.  Here are the stories that you don't hear from the abortion lobby.

All About Me

How a chemical abortion works: 

fact checking claims about mefiprestone safety: FACT CHECK: Is the abortion pill actually 'safer than Tylenol and Viagra'? ( 

Thoughts on website…. (Margie)

Since the name of it is “Protect Women Dayton”  I thought I would keep al the information on there pertinent to women’s abortion safety. Here are the different sections or drop downs…


  1. Abortion pill dangers and then abortion pill reversal information…maybe post this video  This Is Chemical Abortion | Stop Chemical Abortion   or Abortion Pill Reversal |

  2. Post abortion side effects, etc. and then post abortive resources  2018 study  Long-Term Health Effects - The Safety and Quality of Abortion Care in the United States - NCBI Bookshelf (

  3. “Hurt by Abortion” information…here’s their website info   Reproductive Injustice - Reproductive Injustice

I especially like listing the different violations, like HIPAA, Informed Consent, etc.  We can also include our local attorneys information.  We are going to start running the billboards again in January. 


Thoughts?  Any other pertinent information?  Maybe even a page for abortion workers—like this…Our Story |





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